Imaging Crossword

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56                7
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19  202122   
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  1. Deviation from what is ideal or normal in people and optics
  2. Visual impression that can be influenced by focusing a camera lens
  3. Bob Hunt's initials
  4. Unit of illuminance and the Latin word for light
  5. Printers and pens have this in common
  6. Used to modify captured images optically or digitally
  7. Inventor Thomas, of Melno Park, New Jersey fame
  8. Million (of), or just large (prefix)
  9. Abbreviation for the metric system of measurements
  10. Most people think of light travelling in this way
  11. Spontaneous thermal radiation
  12. Unofficial but common term for micrometre
  13. Imaging of the ground from an elevated position


  1. The third ‘w’ in, for example, https://www. ...
  2. The eye’s color detectors
  3. Common compression method and format for digital images
  4. Unintended variation in brightness, e.g., in a projected film
  5. The study and measurement of human color perception
  6. Light work and the study thereof
  7. A discrete particle of light
  8. I suggest not listing your product as a ‘low-________ camera’
  9. Packard’s partner
  10. Splits light by wavelength
  11. A movie contains thousands of these
  12. Harry of sampling theorem fame
  13. Really, really small (prefix)
  14. Most Canadians see this way, also other Commonwealth citizens
  15. Picture element
  16. –moment; rare, perhaps one-time, captured by a picture

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