We are currently providing consulting, prototyping and testing services to institutional and commercial clients. For example:

  • Imaging performance evaluation for cameras and scannersGuinea_note
  • Quality assurance methods for production imaging
  • Test target design and production
  • Software for imaging performance analysis and reporting

Examples of recent consulting projects

  • Consumer electronics: Review of digital imager / lens image quality evaluation methods, and acceptance testing for module suppliers. Benchmarking of client’s procedures (software and test charts) for accuracy and variability.
  • Historical records conversion: Client responsible for large digitization projects of both written/printed, and microfilm records. Identified sources of scanning performance variability between workstations, and ways to reduce rework.
  • Image detector development: Provided research team with detailed technical critique of novel methods for detector array performance measurement and modelling. Delivered recommendations and reference Matlab code.
  • National Library and Scanning Service Provider: Helped to define specific measurable image quality measures for use by a European client and service provider. Provided executable software for testing that is currently in use by both parties.