ISO12233 sfrmat5

This is the place for information and Matlab code for the edge-based camera resolution evaluation. Version 4 of the ISO standard 12233 was published on 27 Feb. 2023, and the Matlab code is posted here.

Please note: The edge feature in the test image must pass through two corresponding edges of the region of interest (ROI) used for the analysis. The edge must pass through either the top and bottom or the left and right margins of the ROI.

sfrmat5 (23 Feb. 2023)

Readme file

Matlab source code (zip file with Matlab source code and example image files)

    Details of the changes to the edge-based (e-SFR) analysis method have been published as a proceedings paper of IS&T’s Electronic Imaging Symposium (2022).

    P. D. Burns, K. Masaoka, K. Parulski, and D. Wueller, Updated Camera Spatial Frequency Response for ISO 12233, IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging, Image Quality and System Performance, 357-1-6, 2022

    A companion article, on the development of ISO 12233 is,

    K. Parulski, D. Wueller, P. D. Burns and H. Yoshida, Creation and Evolution of ISO 12233, the International Standard for Measuring Digital Camera Resolution, IS&T Electronic Imaging Symposium, Image Quality and System Performance, pp. 347-1-347-7, 2022