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Imaging systems and services

Burns Digital Imaging LLC  was formed in 2011 by Peter Burns. We provide consulting services for imaging system development and improvement; performance evaluation, monitoring, and software tools for imaging standards. Applications include imaging for cultural heritage, digital photography, and mobile systems.

PB in Prague


Peter D. Burns PhD:  image scientist and technical project leader with experience in digital imaging; digital photography, mobile imaging, cultural heritage imaging, medical imaging, and imaging performance standards.  He also presents university and industrial training courses on digital imaging performance evaluation and standards.   >  Blog 

  • System analysis, simulation, and image processing
  • Automated tools and methods (e.g. ISO, IEC standards)
  • Variability, color error propagation, and quality assurance
  • Using Matlab to solve imaging problems
  • Deploying software applications using Matlab Compiler

Main subject detection

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For several years I have collaborated with Don Williams of Image Science Associates