Archiving 2015 Crossword Puzzle

For your consideration.puzz1a
1     Sets international colour standards
3     Another name for an imaging test target (rhymes with cart)
6     Preservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies (acronym)
9     From the books (Latin)
10  Multi-headed snake
11  This core is not named after an Irish city
13  Craquelures are seen in this type of painting
14  Monochrome, color, multi spectral, ____ spectral
16  When describing opportunities for funding, a speaker was heard to say ‘I smell a _____’
18  Before there was digital, there was _____

1     Care and feeding of collections
2     Site of Archiving 2014
4     Document format that is both human and machine readable, used across the Internet
5 (initials)
7     For imaging projects it is good to ‘scan but ______’
8     Suggested US federal imaging practice for heritage imaging
12  Information about a dataset is often called _____data
14  ‘Trusted’ shared digital repository
15  Den Haag in English, The _______
17  Oldest photographic society (initials)

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