EI 2015 Presentation: Intrinsic Camera Resolution

You say you want resolution, well you know you'd better measure it first ....Judit Martinez Bauza, Qualcomm Inc, and I will be presenting the results of a study to develop a method for intrinsic camera resolution evaluation. This will be part of the Image Quality and System Performance Conference, http://spie.org/EI/conferencedetails/image-quality-system-performance

The measure is intended to ‘see through’ operations for which image detail is retrievable but measure the loss of image resolution otherwise. We adopt a two-stage image capture model. The first stage comprises a locally-stable point-spread function (lens), the integration and sampling by the detector (imager), and the introduction of detector noise. The second stage comprises the spatial image processing. We describe the validation of the method, which was done using both simulation and actual camera evaluations.