Retinal fundus cameras, color variation and ColorGauge targets

Research aimed at measuring the color variation in (eye) retinal imaging was reported in a poster and articleeye_color1 at the Congress of the International Academy of Digital Pathology (IADP) recently. The authors, Christye Sisson, Susan Farnand, Mark Fairchild, (Rochester Institute of Tech.), and Bill Fischer (Univ. of Rochester) proposed the use of a model eye and a small color target.

The testing confirmed wide variation in color capture among fundus camera systems. In most cases, however, the performance differences were mitigated by custom color-correction software operations.

Such corrections, e.g. implemented by custom ICC color profiles, rely on reference test charts. The authors used a miniature (0.95 cm x 1.1 cm) version of a color test chart supplied by Don Williams,  and available from Image Science Associates.

ColorGauge Pico Target

ColorGauge Pico Target

The short article is available here.


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