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Handbook of Digital Imaging: Image Quality Chapter

Burns, P. D. 2014. Image Quality Concepts. Handbook of Digital Imaging

Burns, P. D.,. Image Quality Concepts. Handbook of Digital Imaging, ed. M. Kriss, John Wiley and Sons, 327-371, 2014

John Wiley and Sons, in collaboration with IS&T, have published the Handbook of Digital imaging in three volumes,
1. Image Capture & Storage
2. Image Display and Reproduction
3.  Imaging System Applications
All are available in print and on line.

Michael Kriss edited Volume 1 and contributed as an author. I also wrote a chapter, Image Quality Concepts, which  turned out to be more work than I expected. The challenge, of course, is to choose important concepts and explain them simply and clearly – just enough maths and acronyms. A quotation by Einstein comes to mind. The chapter is offered free on line.

Handbook of Digital Imaging Volume I: Image Capture and Storage

Table of Contents:

  1. Digital Versus Analog Imaging, Michael Kriss
  2. Optics for Digital Imaging, Peter B. Catrysse
  3. Solid-State Image Sensors, Boyd Fowler
  4. Digital Imaging: An Introduction to Image Processing, Michael Kriss
  5. Color Reproduction for Digital Cameras, Michael Kriss
  6. Image Compression and File Formats, Michael Kriss
  7. Image Quality Concepts (free), Peter D. Burns
  8. Image Systems Simulation, Joyce E. Farrell and Brian A. Wandell
  9. Multispectral Imaging, Yoichi Miyake and Vladimir A. Bochko
  10. Understanding Glare and How it Limits Scene Reproduction, Alessandro Rizzi and John J. McCann

Peter Burns