Virtual but Real: From PowerPoint Presentation to Video File

Arching 2020 Conference programme posted and registration open

As part of an effort to modify the IS&T Archiving Conference to an on-line format, I have recorded a video, showing how to do this using PowerPoint. This should be useful for those who are unable to present live via a webinar-type format. It can also be used to record yourself for future editing and posting. (6.5 minutes)

Straight to Video: I used the current version of (Windows) Microsoft PowerPoint. Download here, or stream below.

Other Tutorials: Similar information is available from the following.

  1. MacOS/Keynote: Michael Kinney, This one requires you to be moderately capable of using a Mac
  2. James Burchill, How to Make a Video in PowerPoint – ppt to video,
  3. Kevin Stratvert, How To Make a Video Using Powerpoint,