Imaging Guidelines, FADGI and Archiving 2016


Imaging Performance for Cultural Institutions:  Guidelines for measurement of imaging performance are often presented at IS&T’s Conferences, and Archiving 2016 will be no exception. Recent developments have included US FADGI (Federal Agencies Digital Guidelnes Initiative), led by the Library of Congress’s Office of Strategic Services. In addition, National Library of the Netherlands has publish the Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Guidelines.


Milford and Pembrokeshire Bank cheque, 1809, courtesy of Mrs. Winifred Joyce Burns

FADGI Comments Invited: An updated version was posted for comments a few days ago. According to the editor, Tom Rieger ( US Library of Congress), ‘Our goal is to create a system that can be easily understood and implemented … from the largest institutions to the smallest historical societies.’

FADGI & Courses at Archiving 2016: These guidelines and imaging standards, and how they are applied will be covered in short courses presented by Don Williams and me at the conference next April in Washington DC. We have fun presenting and leading a seminar-style discussion.

More Information:
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