L’Oréal Skin Color Chart, Colour Coordinates, Dermatology (updated)


Skin Color Chart and CIELAB coordinates

Some time ago L’Oréal* developed a colour chart showing various shades of skin colour, based on a sampling of the spectral reflectance characteristics of women’s (healthy) skin around the world.

For a current project, we are addressing the requirements for, and control of, image capture for dermatologists. By understanding important optical (colour) characteristics for this imaging application, we can tailor system design and evaluation methods for improved performance. The chart and similar databases can provide information on system tolerances, and sources of variability.

Report: A short report on the region of (colour) signal-space occupied by the chart is available here, Coordinates of L’Oréal Skin Color Chart (updated) (PDF)

Color Chart: L’Oréal webpage, A new geography of skin color
*L’Oréal Paris, the cosmetics company